Based on a simulated shopping experience in a virtual environment, Baskit is a service developed by Cognative.

The simulated shopping experience allows you to model:

  • any store environment,
  • with any product selection,
  • and any shopping situation.

Seconds-based tracking allows you to monitor:

  • where the consumer went,
  • what the consumer saw,
  • what the consumer took off the shelf,
  • how the consumer examined the product chosen,
  • and how the consumer purchased the selected item.

…opening up an entirely new dimension in the analysis and forecasting of consumer decisions.

Compared to other tools available today, Baskit allows you to:

  • place a product on the shelf even if it is just a concept,
  • examine the product in a competitive environment every time,
  • study actual shopping situations,
  • consider the effects of a store environment,
  • conduct analysis using actual pricing,
  • be present in the “mind” of the consumer as they make their decision,
  • remain independent of stores,
  • assess impacts on actual purchases directly,
  • and ensure that actual consumer behavior provides the indicators, as opposed to recollections or explanations of actions.

Baskit helps us answer the following questions.

Visibility Test module

  • Is it easy to find your product in the store?
  • How visible is your brand compared to those of your competitors?
  • How visible are the advertising materials, promotions and displays you place in the store compared to those of your competitors?
  • Which elements of your product’s packaging grab the attention of consumers the most?

Shopper Behavior Analysis module

  • Do consumers purchase your product because they had been planning to buy it or is it an impulse shopping experience?
  • What potential substitute products do consumers encounter before they reach your shelf?
  • What percentage of consumers take your product off the shelf? Who are they?
  • What percentage of consumers place your product in their basket?
  • What share of the turnover does your product account for in this type of store?

POPre-Test module

  • What percentage of consumers encounter your advertisements in the store? (Opportunity to See, OTS)
  • What percentage of consumers are able to recall your advertisement in the store?
  • What effect do your advertisements in the store have on consumers’ decision to take the product off the shelf or to buy it?

Brand Effect Assessment module

  • How much does ATL communication help encourage the selection of your brand?
  • How much of an impact does your communication in the store have on brand selection?
  • How can you optimize your communication costs to encourage as many consumers as possible to choose your brand?

Price Optimiser module

  • What is the price sensitivity of consumers in various store types?
  • What percentage of competitors’ prices pose a threat to your position?
  • What pricing strategy must you follow in the various sales channels?

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