Cognative Qualitative

Cognative Qualitative

Does your quantitative analysis suggest you have the right product and the right service? Do all features look good? But it still does not perform well in the market?

There may be features which are not obvious at first. There are times when rational features only account partially for the performance of a brand.

Count on Cognative Qualitative tools to reveal features which cannot be detected with direct methods.

The toolset we offer:

  • Traditional qualitative tools: focus groups, miniature focus groups, individual and two-person interviews, expert interviews
  • Ethnographic and cultural anthropology methods: understanding consumer behavior and how consumers shape their surroundings through observation, non-intervening data collection methods. We are also able to apply this research method in a digital environment, for instance through digital visual journals.
  • Branding and marketing: brand analysis to interpret the roles of brands through consumer narratives, by tracing the constituting elements of brand values
  • Digital qualitative research: in addition to bulletin board and chatroom-type sessions, we also rely on passive data collection techniques.
  • Adding qualitative elements to Big Data/ Smart Data analysis: using qualitative analysis to complement data analysis and segmentation analysis, and arrive at the big picture

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