CoRe Index

CoRe Index

Effectiveness in relationship management determines who will succeed in today’s global economy. Profitable companies maintain close relationships with commerce, business partners and clients – yet most executives lack access to a simple, up-to-the-minute indicator which they can use to assess their range of business relationships.

In the twenty-first century, Cognative CoRe is the optimum solution for assessing, tracking and managing business relationships with the external and internal environment. The system traces consumer and stakeholder satisfaction (investors, shareholders, employees and the public) from product launch to product maturity.

Take the Most Effective Steps

Cognative’s CoRe Stakeholder Management System provides the information your organization needs to focus its resources on the areas which will help you succeed. It seeks to answer the following important questions:

  • What makes clients remain loyal to the company and its products, and what makes them switch to the competition?
  • Which client segments are at risk?
  • How to best maintain customer relations?
  • What are clients’ most sensitive points?
  • How to consistently ensure added value while retaining our market leading role?

Cognative CoRe provides more than just client satisfaction survey results. Cognative CoRe helps synchronize company activities which lead to profitable client relations management. Cognative CoRe provides market knowledge which makes it possible to distribute resources strategically and track the performance of company units while impacting company profitability.

Cognative CoRe Index

Cognative CoRe Index assists decision makers by summarizing the strengths of the relationships with various stakeholder groups. No other index is able to track trends within the various relationships and identify competitive advantages both within the company as well as those stemming from a comparison with competitors.

CoRe Radar describes the performance of a particular product / service / company over time.

CoRe Radar charts provide targeted information for sales and service management, identifying the following dimensions of products and services:

  • Drivers: Elements listed here possess great verbal significance and play an important role in client retention. The better the performance of the company, the more favorable its position in the market.
  • Hidden opportunities: Elements listed here offer potential benefits that remain underutilized. Through small investments, but supported by aggressive communication, these can become “Drivers,” attractive for the company.
  • Question marks: Elements listed here are not especially significant. Even if respondents suggest the company is performing well, these elements are not relevant as far as company revenue is concerned. They indicate potential savings.
  • Expectations: The bare minimum clients expect from the company. Improving the performance of these elements can lead to company development.

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