Tracking Services

Tracking Services

The Road to More Effective Brand Management

Despite your best intentions as you guide your brand through its life cycle, the market it must survive in is in a constant state of motion, influenced by unstoppable forces which also impact the performance of your brand: advertisements, promotions, market pressure and the competition.

Cognative Tracking Services is able to identify market factors which define brand performance. Designed to provide consistent tracking of marketing activities and brands, it allows you to obtain in-depth insight into the relationship between customers and your brand, as well as a rapid assessment of what works well, what does not and why – enabling you to tailor your marketing activities to market changes in time.

Understanding the big picture.

Cognative Tracking Services

is based on a computerized database system which merges data from continuous surveys with information obtained from other sources – such as advertising spending, industry activity or competitor moves –, opening an entirely new dimension of integrated analysis.

Cognative Tracking Services is based on tailor-made research, and incorporates tried and tested questionnaire modules examining advertising impact and brand loyalty. On a monthly or even weekly basis, it tracks the impact of advertising and other marketing activity on brand attractiveness and brand health.

It produces targeted recommendations covering the entire life cycle of the brand.

Cognative Tracking Services

Because it makes it possible for you to consistently track the history of your brand, as well as trends in brand value and health, regardless of what stage of its life cycle the brand may be in. Thanks to the integrated approach, it allows you to manage complex brand communication and marketing strategies, focusing on goals and targets.

Use Cognative Tracking Services, and allow it to guide you as you prepare your media mix, plan expenses, determine if you have reached the intended target audience with your message, assess the impact of various marketing activity on the attractiveness of your brand, and preview the expected outcomes of your plans for the future. In fact, Cognative Tracking Services is designed to track the entire life cycle of your brand, consistently and in real-time, providing unique foundations for brand planning and allowing you to compare past strategies and successes.

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